Veterinary Syringes

INMED Medical Products brand single use veterinary syringes are manufactured untouched at INMED Medical Products production facilities that have GMP standards equipped with latest technologies.


All the products carrying INMED Medical Products brand, with all its components, are manufactured in accordance with CE 1984, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 7886-1 standards. INMED Medical Products brand syringes are pyrogen-free and 6% curved luer and sterile. Body part is made of polypropylene and piston part from polyethylene.


Our syringes without sealing ring manufactured from stainless-steel and with its 21G 16mm and 18G 38mm special needles are suitable for veterinary surgeon’s use.



Serial Number ml G mm
8681092004606 2 21 16
8681092004804 5 21 16
8681092004231 10 18 38
8681092004293 20 18 38
8681092004347 50 18 38

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