Vaccine Syringes

INMED Medical Products brand single use vaccine syringes are manufactured untouched at INMED Medical Products production facilities that have GMP standards equipped with latest technologies and in accordance with CE standards. INMED Medical Products brand vaccine syringes have 5 years shelf-life by ethylene oxide gas sterilization method. It is non-toxic and pyrogen-free, with centric and eccentric body options, thanks to 6% curved Luer tip. INMED Medical Products brand vaccine syringes always prioritise quality and easy-use by facilitating mobility of the piston thanks to the special medical grade silicone in the body part.


Serial Number ml G mm
8681092004491 2 25 16
8681835021723 2 25 25
8681092004507 2 26 10
8681835021730 2 26 13

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